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About Journey.

Last Edit 2019-May-27

What is Journey?

Journey is a place to deepen your walk with Jesus. Don't think you have a journey with Jesus? That's fine, start where you are and explore the possibilities.
Want to grow in your Journey? Experience new things, new people, new places. Use Journey and explore the possibilities, become a disciple of Jesus.

Workers & Hosts

Kōkua & Ohana

Journey is being born from here in Hawaii, and we have these two really useful words that are used in everyday life: Kōkua and Ohana.
You may be journeying the world, you are Kōkua, looking to pitch in, you have time that you want to spend doing interesting things with interesting people in interesting places. Find an Ohana where you can pitch in and work, a place where you can grow in Jesus, sharing your journey with others.

Your Journey may not be taking you places as much as it is bringing new people to work with you.
You are an Ohana. You get to offer hospitality, to provide work and growth and get help in return.
Where you live is where you can share what you do with others. It may be a BBQ at your place or a trip to the beach or shopping. Using Journey you can let others in your areas know what you are doing and share a seat in your car to the Movies or a seat at your table for a Potluck. 

Traveler or Host, Kōkua or Ohana.

Sign up and find places around the world where interesting people are doing interesting things.
Sign up and become one of these interesting places.

What does it cost?

To register is free.
To search for Ohana is free.
To create an Ohana is free.
To book seats and share seats is free.
The cost is $10.00 a year if you want to be in more than three Ohana at a time, or if you want more than ten members in your Ohana.
Want to pay this? I would appreciate it as it helps with the costs and keeps the lights on, and to encourages me to develop Journey more.
Become a fan now.
I am also looking for Symfony Developers, Graphic Designers, GUI Designers, Testers and Grammar checkers.

But wait, there is more.

Kōkua, this is where everyone starts.
Ohana, a Kōkua may also want to be a host, to do interesting things with others, so they would make an Ohana.
Kula, do you run a school, what to let others know how they might be a student? Want to attract staff?
Hui, are you an Organization, a Campus, a Ministry location, do you run services? Accommodation, Transportation, Work Opportunities?

Databases. There is a whole other area to Journey. And this is the resource database I am writing into Journey to be used by your Organization, your Hui.


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