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Last Edit 2019-May-27


Any organization, be it a farm, an NGO in a foreign country, a campus, a school, imagine anything that has people working together seeking to manage what they do.  We have lived and worked in several different countries, seen places that are finding the activities of administration rather difficult. So we are developing these databases for use by you to make it easier to do what you do.

Hui comes with three free databases. These databases are instrumental to any location seeking to manage themselves.

  1. Administrator [Across all databases] (Free)
    You need to have people that will work in the backend of what you do, administrators to manage all the activities of your location

  2. Departments (Free)
    People seem to always get grouped together in departments. So we give you a free database to manage how people are grouped together, or even just if you need to have departments to manage resources and not people.

  3. Housing (Free)
    From Campuses to buildings, to apartments, to classrooms, to dorms and rooms. This is another free area that we give you to help manage your Hui.

Some locations may only need these free databases to really make managing the place easier, others might also want some of our specific databases to really run your location well.

Paid for Databases.

  1. Transportation
    Do you need to be able to manage your Vehicles, who gets to drive them and when? The Transportation system allows you to create Drivers, record valid information concerning them, what department they belong to and what Vehicles they can drive. You can create Vehicles, know their maintenance record, replacement parts like Oil Filter, date and kms/miles for their next service, their capacity and which drivers are allowed to drive them.
    Create Reservation, send emails to drivers, allow drivers to close out trips with kms/miles driven, fuel remaining, issues from trips.
    Create Mechanics, Service Requests, and manage a Vehicles upkeep.

  2. Accommodation
    You have buildings and rooms, and you need to house people in them. It may be dorms for staff and students or guest accommodation for visiting teachers, friends of your Organization. Manage all aspects of your Accommodation from room prep by hospitality, to keys assignments to guests, to building management of Dorms. (Then link in maintenance requests from a building manager into the Maintenance database.)

  3. Maintenance
    Stuff gets broken, new stuff needs installation. You have maintenance people with differing degrees of skills, you need to be able to manage work requests and the people doing the work. Items that go into rooms, so you need to what when where. You also need to have a record of items purchased for warranty and billing purposes.

  4. Post Office
    With staff and students come letters and packages. You may have a PO Box system that they subscribe to so they have a box and a key and can get their letters. But what about packages. Scan a package into the Post Office system, assign it to a PO Box and an email and text goes to that person. Also manage items for people that do not have a PO Box, but are still part of your location. Even now we have our own address, but still, mail ends up in our Capases Post Office.

  5. Kōkua
    This is a special area if you do a lot of work with volunteers.
    Kōkua means to pitch in, to give your love by works of service.
    So this database will be developed to help you recruit people, manage them as they come and assign them work while with you. 

  6. Outreach
    This is a new area that we are developing because of the number of people that go on outreach from where we are to developing countries and we need to find a time efficient way of working through all their needs for immunizations. We need to help out school Leaders manage their Outreach Leader so all people going are as medically as safe as possible.

  7. Library
    We have just started running a digital library. Everything is in the cloud, just as all of Journey is. We need to find a way to help the Librarian and our staff and students manage their subscription to the Overdrive Digital Library.

  8. Accounts

  9. Security

  10. Projects

  11. Courses

  12. Support

This is a quick overview of what we have been developing.
There is still a mountain of work to be done as we bring these things live.

  • To get these things working for you, to have a look and see if we have some resources that will make your job easier do register with Journey.
  • This will get you a Kōkua account.
  • Next, you can fill out the information about your self as a Kōkua. Settings.
  • Now create your Hui here.
  • And create your first Database here.

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