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About Ohana

Last Edit 2018-Dec-08

Who are Ohana?

Ohana is family.
You will be host to Kōkua.
You will Receive them, Show then how you work and Partner with them for the growth of your home and Ohana.

Become an Ohana

A Host is an Ohana, a family, a place to receive workers.
You will need to register just like a Kōkua
Once registered you will be able to create your Ohana within Journey.
Once you have your Ohana setup, people, Kokua who are traveling, will be able to search for you, make contact with you and together you will be able to set up for them to come and work.
This site is self-reviewing, you can write reviews of those who come and work with you and they will be able to write reviews about their stay with you.
We, the makers of this site, are also an Ohana. We have people come and work with us, we treasure them as valuable additions to our family. 
They may only come for a week or a few months, but while they are with us and beyond they are on a spiritual journey and part of our jobs is to introduce them to Jesus in us.

Receive, Show, Partner, Encourage.

Who are Kōkua? - What is Journey?

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