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About Hui

Last Edit 2018-Dec-17

Since we are based in Hawaii, we use quite a few Hawaiian words in our daily life.
Hui is another one of these, ruffly it means organization, but not so much in the ties and suits sense of the word, more in the rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done sense.

Creating a Hui adds a whole new depth to using Journey. This is more for someone who creates an account in Journey with the purpose of creating a Hui to take advantage of the tools a Hui gives you. Once you have a Hui you can promote what you do, people can search for you knowing that they are looking at more than a farm or a family, that you are involved in walking with Jesus in very specific ways. It also means you can take advantage of the databases we have for Hui.


As we have built out Journey it has become obvious that we need to provide features and functions to help locations better manage their people and time.
We want to provide a set of tools that will help you manage your work.

  • Maintenance: manager work orders, repairs, installations, and the people doing the work.
  • Transportation: need to pick people up from the airport, does a school need to go somewhere? What about your fleet vehicle repair.
  • Accommodation: how about managing where staff, students, visitors, and Kōkua will stay? Let people see information about their stay.
  • We also throw in some free databases to make the management of all this easier.
    • Housing, Manage your buildings, apartments and the rooms in them, as well as the chattels. Great for the Maintenance to do their job effectively.
    • Departments, the bigger the location the great the need to have departments to make management easier.
    • Administrators, and the various people that will be running these different areas.
  • Post Office, from a small room to manage packages for staff, to an actual Post Office to do all the things a Post Office needs to do. Manage it here.
  • Kokua, this is a concept that any Ohana can use, but now let's build it out so that a Hui can have a concise and helpful system to manage people who come to work with you, stay with you or be a local volunteer.
  • Library, I am starting this system to help me manage a digital library where I am. I need to have lists of people with their contact information so I can create an export to bring them into the digital library I help to run.

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